Practice Manager
With over fifteen years immersed in the veterinary field, Vanessa Craine embodies a deep commitment to the wellbeing of animals and their human companions. Her passion lies in the intersection of compassionate care and fostering thriving communities.
Vanessa’s journey in veterinary care has been guided by her unwavering belief in the power of teamwork and emotional intelligence. She sees herself not just as an individual in the field but as a collaborator, recognizing that her effectiveness is a reflection of her team’s dedication.

Her greatest fulfillment stems from the ability to aid pet owners in caring for their beloved companions. Vanessa understands that supporting pet owners is as crucial as treating the animals themselves, and this empathy-centered approach forms the cornerstone of her practice.

Vanessa’s dedication extends beyond her professional realm. In her free time, she’s a devoted mother to two energetic boys, Zion and Lyric, who keep her on her toes and fill her life with joy. Additionally, she channels her creativity into fiber art, crafting pieces inspired by the tranquil beauty of the Lake Travis community. You can find her showcasing her artwork at the local farmers market, sharing her passion with fellow residents.

Fueling her dedication to the veterinary community, Vanessa is deeply committed to cultivating a healthy, thriving space for veterinary professionals. She believes in fostering a growth mindset and motivation among her staff, inspiring them to reach new heights in their careers.

Vanessa’s source of inspiration is the deep connection she feels with both animals and humans. This connection has been the driving force behind her more than 15 years of unwavering dedication to the veterinary field.


Lead Veterinary Technician
Cris, the Lead Veterinary Technician at the Cat Hospital of Austin, brings a wealth of passion and expertise to feline care. Originally hailing from California, Cris made the bold move to Texas in pursuit of a change in scenery. His journey in veterinary medicine began in April 2018 when he embarked on his first veterinary job right at the Cat Hospital of Austin, coincidentally settling across the street, fueled by a strong desire to work closely with animals.

Amidst the bustling city life, Cris finds solace in the tranquility of nature, indulging in activities like hiking and swimming by the lake. Yet, his greatest source of joy lies in spending quality time with his beloved cats and immersing himself in the world of video games during leisure moments.

Cris possesses an innate ability to connect with feline companions, earning him the reputation of a cat whisperer. Cats naturally gravitate towards him, feeling genuinely at ease and comforted in his presence. His passion for working with animals ignited at a young age, driving him to pursue a career dedicated to their well-being.

Under the guidance of Dr. Percival-Leland, Cris underwent a transformative journey from starting as a kennel technician to evolving into a multifaceted professional. His trajectory within the hospital has been remarkable, ascending from a customer service representative to assuming the pivotal role of Lead Veterinary Technician. His leadership skills shine as he adeptly guides the team towards success, drawing upon his extensive experience and genuine love for feline medicine. On top of leading our Veterinary team, he holds a notable certification as an Ultrasonographer. His specialized skill set allows for precise and detailed diagnostic imaging, contributing significantly to the hospital’s ability to provide comprehensive care to its feline patients.

Cris remains forever grateful for the mentorship and knowledge imparted by Dr. Percival-Leland, propelling him to thrive in his role and elevate the standards of care at the Cat Hospital of Austin. His unwavering dedication and exceptional ability to connect with both cats and the veterinary team make him an invaluable asset to the hospital’s mission of delivering top-notch care to feline companions.


Lead Customer Service Representative
Gabe is our outstanding lead Customer Service Representative. Originally from Kansas City, Kansas, Gabe ventured to Austin straight after completing high school. With 2.5 years dedicated to veterinary medicine, all of it at the Cat Hospital of Austin, Gabe found a deep-rooted passion for feline care.

Gabe’s affinity for cats is intrinsic, believing they deserve specialized attention and care that acknowledges their distinct needs, separate from other animals. Recognizing that cats aren’t merely small dogs, Gabe embraces a unique approach to ensure their wellbeing.
Beyond the clinic, Gabe dives into Austin’s vibrant entertainment scene, reveling in everything from hardcore and drag shows downtown to hobbies like kite flying, crafting, and amassing over 500 hours in Sims 4.

The heart of Gabe’s devotion to veterinary medicine, particularly in feline care, lies in making a tangible impact on each patient’s life. It’s this drive that fuels the commitment to providing every cat with the chance for a fulfilling and lengthy life.

While claiming only “thick skin” as expertise, Gabe’s unwavering dedication and determination to offer top-tier care to the furry residents of the Cat Hospital of Austin speaks volumes, overshadowing any specific qualification.


Veterinary Technician
Ian, a dedicated Veterinary Technician at the Cat Hospital of Austin for almost three years, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to feline care. Armed with an associate’s degree in animal science, Ian’s brilliance shines through in his passion for the medicinal aspect of veterinary work. His dedication to providing top-tier care stems from a deep-rooted enthusiasm for the science behind animal health.

His journey in veterinary medicine spans nearly a decade, where he initially ventured into the realms of large animal and equine care. The demanding nature of these fields drove Ian to seek a change, leading him to transition to the Cat Hospital of Austin. Here, he found a niche that allowed him to apply his extensive knowledge and skills while focusing on the care of beloved feline companions.

Ian’s interest for science extends beyond his work; he often finds himself immersed in studies, constantly seeking to expand his understanding of veterinary medicine. When not engrossed in scientific literature, Ian unwinds by spending quality time with his wife, Riley. Whether delving into a good book or seeking solace in the world of video games, Ian utilizes these moments to recharge after a challenging day at work.

His diverse background in animal science, coupled with his love for learning and a deep affection for feline medicine, makes Ian an invaluable asset at the Cat Hospital of Austin. His commitment to delivering exceptional care, rooted in both experience and passion for scientific understanding, sets the bar high for the standard of feline healthcare within the hospital.


Veterinary Technician
Meet Deanna, a passionate feline enthusiast hailing from a quaint farm town in Connecticut. Though initially reluctant due to her fiancé’s persuasion, she found herself relocating to Austin, Texas, where she joined the esteemed Cat Hospital team in January 2023.
With over four years of experience in the veterinary field, Deanna’s heart beats for cats, relishing the specialized environment of a hospital dedicated solely to feline care. Unlike many, she proudly admits she’s not a dog person – cats have her heart!

Beyond her love for feline friends, Deanna finds solace in the kitchen, whipping up delectable treats through her love for baking and cooking. Yet, she equally balances her culinary adventures with frequent visits to the gym, embracing a holistic approach to her passions.
Her journey into animal medicine took an unexpected turn. Growing up, her mom wasn’t an animal enthusiast, while her dad possessed an innate connection with creatures. Amidst compromises, rabbits became part of her childhood, along with cherished horseback rides.

Curiously, she pursued animal science in college, specializing in equine medicine, an unexpected detour from her feline-focused present.
With a penchant for comparing Veterinary clinic dynamics, Deanna sees herself as an open book – candid and always willing to share insights. Deanna’s enthusiasm for continuous learning and her admiration for Dr. Leland’s extensive knowledge in feline medicine highlight her commitment to expanding her expertise. Her role is instrumental in elevating the standard of care provided at the clinic, making the Cat Hospital of Austin truly fortunate to have her on board.


Customer Service Representative
Originally from Houston, Kara found her way to her current home during the challenging times of the COVID era. Despite being in the veterinary field for just over a year, her journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

Kara’s venture into the world of veterinary care began when she stumbled upon the Cat Hospital of Austin one day. It was a defining moment when she looked at the clinic and declared, “I want to work there one day.” True to her determination, she joined the team a few months later, in July 2023.

Beyond her commitment to veterinary care, Kara finds solace in artistic pursuits like drawing and spending quality time with her feline companions, Beans and Pancakes. Surprisingly, she discovers a sense of calm and relaxation in cleaning, an activity that soothes her.

What truly captivates Kara in the world of veterinary medicine is the exhilarating fact that no two days are alike. Her genuine passion for all creatures, big and small, resonates deeply in her work. The daily routine of making a meaningful impact within the field brings her immense joy and fulfillment.

Nicknamed “Dr. Dolittle” by her mother during childhood, Kara’s lifelong connection with animals has been evident since her early days. Her upbringing surrounded by five feline companions ignited her calling towards working with animals, a passion that has only grown stronger over time.

For Kara, working with animals is more than just a profession; it’s a calling. Each day she walks into work, it’s a testament to her childhood dreams and a dedication to a field that has always held a special place in her heart.


Veterinary Technician Assistant
Born and raised in Austin, Aubrey is a veterinary technician assistant with a deep-rooted passion for feline friends. Having joined the team just last October, she has already made a significant impact in the healthcare of beloved pets. Aubrey’s love for cats extends beyond the clinic walls; she finds joy in their unique and adorable faces, dedicating herself to their well-being and providing them with endless hugs and care.

Her journey into veterinary care began with a childhood spent chasing after little animals and insects, fostering a love for caring for creatures big and small. Mittens, her cherished childhood cat, ignited her lifelong dedication to feline welfare. Aubrey’s enthusiasm for customer service, honed through prior experience, blends seamlessly with her compassionate nature, creating an environment where both pets and their owners feel supported and understood.

Outside of work, Aubrey finds solace in her hobbies, including climbing, fitness routines, and a perpetual pursuit of knowledge through ongoing education. She approaches each day with a commitment to self-improvement, eager to enhance her skills and understanding in veterinary care. With a heart brimming with love for animals and a determination to excel in her field, Aubrey continues to make a positive difference in the lives of furry companions and their devoted owners.