Eliza Schrank

Eliza Schrank joined the medical team at Cat Hospital of Austin in September 2016. As a Veterinary Technician, she is responsible for patient care, running diagnostics, assisting with exams, phlebotomy, IV catheter placement, administering medications and performing radiographs. Eliza is cross-trained clinic wide and has a great rapport with our clients and patients. She is excellent working with her hands and has learned most of her job through hands-on experience.

“I very much enjoy working at Cat Hospital of Austin,” Eliza says. “I have learned so much working with one species and developed my knowledge and skills further in this specialty.”

At home, Eliza has two 10-year-old domestic longhair cats named Sketch and Cheeks, as well as a 10-year-old domestic shorthair cat named Fatter and a 6-year-old domestic shorthair cat named Gloves. In her free time, Eliza owns and operates her own professional pet-sitting business. She enjoys listening to electronic music, being in nature, exercising, relaxing with her boyfriend, CJ, and exploring new and interesting foods.

Chris Soza

Cristian Sosa joined the Cat Hospital of Austin team as a Veterinary Technician in April of 2018. Each day he brings with him a willingness to learn and help, the ability to own up to and learn from his mistakes, and his handsome good-looks and charm. Some of his responsibilities include taking dental x-rays, teeth cleaning, assisting in restraining and treating patients with the doctors, and feeding and medicating our boarders. His favorite part of the job is playing with all the cats that come to our facility.

“My boss, and higher ups are super professional and nice,” Cris says. “They are extremely patient and helpful with the assistance in my growth of knowledge and experience I need to work here. Working with only cats seems to be peaceful with no dogs in the building. All of our clients are beyond nice and caring towards their pets.”

In his spare time, Cris enjoys playing football, baseball, volleyball, dodgeball, and going out with friends. He also likes to play video games, go hiking, running, eating, and playing with his cat Gremlin. Cris also owns a turtle named Psyco.

Chelsea Riggs

Chelsea Riggs is a full-time Receptionist at the Cat Hospital of Austin. She enjoys helping client navigate the healthcare of their furry family members. Some of her responsibilities include scheduling appointments, preparing/maintaining medical records, communicating with pharmacies and the admitting/discharging of patients.

At home, Chelsea cares for two domestic short hair cats of her own. Max and Stripes are both rescues. Chelsea spends a lot of her free time volunteering to help rescue animals. She recently started a Cat Enrichment Program to help improve the quality of life and behavior problems of shelter cats. When she isn’t volunteering, she enjoys knitting, reading, practicing yoga, and hiking.